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    2021 Raffle Winners

    Congratulations to the following raffle winners!!  Thank you for your support of DAYHA and youth hockey!  Checks should be in the mail this weekend!!

    ***Please note that there could be spelling errors in the names listed below.**


    Dan Maxwell



    Craig Engel



    Noah Thoele

    Marilyn Albitz

    Sue Walker

    Joyce Newton

    John Daugherty



    Dennis Juoppe

    Naomi Thoele

    Sue Walker

    Eric Snoke

    Sue Walker

    Nadine Hutton

    AZZ Galvanizing

    Dave Bergdahl

    Spencer Saunders

    Robert Burns

    Tom Pfannenstiel

    Katie Olson

    Dennis Juoppe

    Alysa Osthoff

    Sue Walker

    Dusty Attleson

    Colleen Leaver

    Eric Geislinger

    Courtney Hausladen

    Mary Eskola



    Jeff Wock

    Amy Kelly

    Josh Hillmeyer

    Pete Tuomisto

    Greg Smith

    Brandy Gelle

    Terry Graculum

    Alli Zens

    Ryan Anderson

    Juston Dooly

    Scott Boerboom

    Tim Lyrek

    Kasha Swift

    Brian Milliken

    Byron Pingeon

    Beca Fogelson

    Lisa McDonald

    Karen Boerboom

    Sharon Rousch

    Mike nielson



    Kathy Lunderby

    Troy Chapeau

    Ellie Richards

    Nick Lamacher

    Devin Russell

    Vick Mitzel

    Halonen - 9345 CR 11 (no first name)

    Kari Oja

    Josh Schmidt

    Stephen Heim

    Ty Schumatz

    Dan Gatz

    Jen Carter

    Barb Green

    Tom Pfannenstiel

    Kari Smith

    Jeff Vazin

    Jogen Dahl

    Adam Steffe

    Brandon Moline

    New Parent Information Guide

    If you're new to hockey....or just new to DAYHA....check out this welcome packet for great information to help you get started!  If you ever have questions, shoot us a message at

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    DAYHA is now on Facebook, please visit the site and "like" and "share" often!  You can also find us on Twitter and Insta!