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    DAYHA & DASA COVID-19 Plan

    DAYHA and DASA have updated the COVID-19 Plan.  Please  check out the COVID page or click on the link below to read through the document.  It has important information and procedures that must be followed.

    DAYHA & DASA COVID-19 Plan

    Delano Arena COVID Flow Diagram

    COVID Arena Traffic Flow

    Volunteer Info

    Deposit and Hours requirements


    Visiting teams should contact the team manager of the team they will be playing to learn your team's arena area assignment for the game.  All players and spectators from the team should use the arena entrance and exit assigned for the game.  Please DO NOT use the main entrance unless you are assigned to that area.

    All players and spectators are asked to use the QR Code available at the rink to record your attendance for the event.

    If there are any questions, please email

    DAYHA on Facebook

    DAYHA is now on Facebook, please visit the site and "like" and "share" often!  You can also find us on Twitter and Insta!