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COVID-19 Return to Hockey

The Delano Area Youth Hockey Association is providing our hockey community with a landing page for resources as we begin to Return To The Rinks and Return To Hockey. We will continue to update this page as new information and resources become available.

Important Notes

1.  Spectators at DASA: Please use the QR code that is posted in various places at the rink to register your contact information for Covid contact tracing.  If you would like to complete the information in advance of arriving at the arena, you can access the registration here:

2. Entering the arena - Skaters and spectators from the same team should use the same entrance point.  Please access our website calendar to determine your arena area assignment (West 1, West 2, East 1 or East 2).

3. When Visiting Other D3 Rinks - Please make sure you research the COVID protocols of the rinks you are visiting.  There is a document on the D3 website that shows the majority of the rinks in the district and what their policies are -

COVID Arena Traffic Flow

With the locker rooms being limited in use, we are utilizing the space around the ice to allow teams to tie skates.  Please refer to your team calendar for the area assignment for each ice event.  This information is posted in the lobby at the arena also, but it is important that you know this information prior to your arrival at the rink as it will determine which door your skater needs to use to enter the arena prior to their ice event and which door they will be exiting from.

CURRENT AS OF 3/7/2021

These arena guidelines are current as of 3/7/2021 and should be used for reference only.  Guidelines may change at anytime and teams should follow the instructions that arenas give them whether they are in agreement with this page or not.